Something you want to provide some free tools for users. But you don’t know how to do that. If you are a WordPress user, you can create some plugin and upload them to the WordPress repository. It will help you to introduce yourself to others. In this article, I will talk about how to submit your plugin on the WordPress repository. I hope you will be able to submit your plugin on the WordPress repository after reading this article. Let’s start…

Where you can start

At first, you have to create a plugin as per WordPress plugin roles. You can get help from WordPress’s official website about plugin development. It will be best for you as a beginner. You can click here to go here for help or know about plugin development. Get WordPress repository approval to remember WordPress rules for plugin approval. Otherwise, your plugin submission will be declined. But they are very flexible about your submitted plugin. Here are the basic rules of plugin development:

  • You have to create a readme.txt file for your plugin which will be located on the plugin directory. You can generate a readme.txt file from here.
  • Don’t enqueue any framework or library in your plugin which WordPress already added their core file.
  • You can’t use the “plugin” word in your plugin name.
  • You can’t use any brand name in your plugin like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Submit your plugin

Once, your plugin will be ready to host in the WordPress directory, you can submit from WordPress’s official website. Note that, you have to an account in WordPress. Otherwise, you can’t submit your plugin. You may submit from here.

How to submit your plugin
How to submit your plugin

If your plugin fully followed WordPress rules, they will approve your plugin and will create a repository for your plugin in their own server.

Once, it’s approved by WordPress you have to create a repository in your local computer using SVN. SVN means Subversion Network. You can use Tortoise as SVN. Then you have uploaded your plugin header image, screenshots, an icon in your local repository. I hope this article will help you to submit your plugin on WordPress sever.

When you want to create a slider in your WordPress, you may face many problems. Because of that, most of the slider plugin is premium. That’s it’s very expensive for normal WordPress users. If your budget is too low, you can create a slider with the free plugin on your WordPress website. Let’s talk about the best free slider plugin for your WordPress website.


MetaSlider is a very popular WordPress free plugin. They have lots of customizing options. You can create various types of sliders with this plugin. MetaSlider has included four jQuery scripts for creating awesome sliders. Scripts are Flex Slider, Responsive Slides, Coin Slider, Nivo Slider. You can choose any type of slider design from those for scripts. You can show your slideshow just putting a simple shortcode.

Smart Slider

Smart Slider is another free WordPress plugin. You can create an awesome slideshow with this plugin. They have also a free and premium version. You can use their free version. Smart Slider is providing live editor functionalities for creating a slider. You can see your slider preview before publishing your slider. The user is also able to customize your slider navigation type. You can use some layer in your slider with this plugin. An awesome functionality is that you can use your created slider by clicking an icon button.

Slider – Ultimate Responsive Image Slider

This is another awesome free plugin for creating a slideshow on your WordPress page or post. You can easily customize this plugin without coding knowledge. You can also able to create image navigation thought this plugin. I think it’s the best slider plugin for your WordPress. If you want to create a simple awesome slider in your post or page, you can use this.

Slider by Soliloquy

Slider by Soliloquy is another most beautiful plugin for your WordPress slider. It’s also most of the customizing options for your dashboard. It’s also fully responsive to mobile or other devices. I hope it can help you create an awesome slider on your website.

You may want what is recommended plugin from my side. My first choice is MetaSlider.

When you want to create a website for company, blog or organization may you’re confused about to use CMS. CMS means Content Management System where you can manage you post, page & content for your website. WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. If you’re a familiar with PHP, you can develop WordPress.

Let’s know why WordPress is popular CMS for users.

WordPress is very popular for users. Because of that, users can use this CMS for absolutely free. User don’t need any payment to use this. They can customize their website content from the dashboard. Everything is described by the Developers. On the other hand, user can find lots of resource which can help all users to customize their website. Users can create any type of website with WordPress.

Easy to use

WordPress is the very popular because of that, They have very popular Page builder and free add-ons. User can use this CMS very easily each content. User also able to create any type of page using page builder like Elementor.


WordPress is popular for all developers because of that, this is only CMS which is using hooking system. Developers can change default functionalities using hooks. They also can remove or add any functionality thought hook. That’s why it’s better than others.


One of the most principal reason of popularity is shortcode. Shortcode is extends developers work abilities. If developer want to add their own functionalities with layout, they can do by creating shortcode. It’s amazing functionality what I ever seen.

Page Builder

Page Builder is another amazing facilities for WordPress user. User can create any type of page layout using Page Builder. WordPress providing some default page builder like Gutenberg. User may use premium Page Builder like Visual Composer. Premium page builder provides more attractive functionalities to users.

I hope you have understand why WordPress is the best CMS in the World.

If you want to create a website for your business, organization or blog you have to use any type of CMS. CMS means Content Management System. If you don’t want to use any type of CMS, your website budget will be exceed. That’s why you need to choose a CMS. In this article I will tell you what is WordPress and how it works.

What is CMS?

If you want to use a CMS, you have to know what is CMS. CMS means Content Management System . By CMS your website content like images and texts you can be manage from a dashboard. But visitors can’t access your dashboard. They will be see just your website front end. It will be easy to use for you. If you’re a programmer, you can manage row coding website. But it’s some complicated for none programmer. So, we have learned CMS means Content Management System where we can be manage our website content from a dashboard.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System in world. Anyone can use this CMS without any cost. It’s easy to use for any type of programmer or none programmer. User can manage their content from the dashboard. They don’t need any programming knowledge for that. If you want to create a website with low budget, you can choose WordPress. There are lot of free layout or theme in there repository. You can download an d use there free themes from the repository.

If you don’t have domain and hosting for your website, don’t worry. WordPress also providing free web space for you. You can start your blogging career with there free plan.

If you want to use a premium layout or theme, you buy from the market place. One of the most poplular marketplace is Themeforest. You can go to the WordPress tab for premium theme. Here you can find lot of premium theme for your website as you desired.

You can learn How to install WordPress in your server.

Many people want to add custom designs to their WordPress theme. But, It’s completed for a non-programmer person. That’s why In this article I will show you how to add a template in WordPress or theme.

What is Template in WordPress Theme

If you want to add a template in your theme, first of all, you have to know what is the template in theme. The template is the website looking layout in WordPress theme. Suppose, how you want to look at your blog page, the home page, category page, etc. Mainly template layout depends on the developer who has created the theme. The user just defines a default template on their website. They didn’t add any custom template as their choice. If you are a user, you will find a template option in your dashboard page right sidebar which is located in the “Page Attributes” section. You can see the page attributes option below.

Page Attributes Photo of How to add an template in WordPress Theme
How to add a custom template in WordPress

Let’s create a new option here

In this section, you can change your website page layout by choosing your desired template. Sometimes, you maybe not liked the default templates. That’s why you have to create a custom template in your theme. ‍So, you can set the desired design on the website. Let’s talk about how to add a custom template to your WordPress website.

Create a file for a template

First of all, log in to your hosting control panel. Because of that, you have to create a file into the hosting root folder. After login your Cpanel, go to the root folder. Normally, root folder name is public_html in many hosting.

Now go the theme folder which is activated in the WordPress admin panel. Otherwise, you can’t see any output in the front end. Example: public_html > wp-admin > themes > theme_folder.

At this time, you will see many theme files in the folder. Which is created by the theme developer. Don’t edit those files. If you edit any file, it may be corrupt your website. Just create a file with a PHP extension. You can use any name of the file.

Comment on the file.

Now open this file into the editor. Write the following codes into the file.

Template Name: Your Desired Name

Now go to the WordPress dashboard and try to create a page. I hope you will be seen a new option in Page Attributes drop down. It will be named with which name you have provided in the hosting root folder when you created the file. Now If you chose this option and create a new page, you will see a blank page. Because of that, you just initialize the template. It’s not done.

At this time, go to the control panel root where you have created a new file. Now you can design a new or put your designed code into the file. After putting the design code into the file, reload your website new page link (which page you have created recently).

Now, You can customize your website. If have knowledge about WordPress theme files, you can set others option.

If you don’t know how to install WordPress, you can read How to install WordPress in your server. It can help you.

Many peoples want to start there website. But they don’t know how to start work for there website. First of all, If you’re a beginner, you have to choose a CMS (Content Management System) to manage your website. I recommend you choose WordPress. Because that is the most popular & very easy to use. You have not required any type of programming knowledge to manage your website. You can use WordPress just like software. After chosen WordPress as CMS, you’re ready to start your website.   In this article, I will show you how to install WordPress in your server.

Let’s Start

First of all, you have download files from here. You can go to there official website for more knowledge. It’s better to practice to increase your subjective knowledge. Anyway, download WordPress files to install in your server.

Put WordPress files into the server

After downloaded WordPress files, you have to put files into your server folder. In this case, I’m using my local computer server. You can create your computer as a server via installing Xampp.

If you want to learn & install Xampp please read this article: How to install Xampp on your local computer.

I will create a folder “website” in the local Xampp server which is located on htdocs folder. Because of that, by default Your Drive > xampp > htdocs is the root folder.

Run WordPress setup in browser & write localhost/phpmyadmin in you browser URL input. You will be able to create a database. Now create a database from here.

Now, open any type of web browser. Write localhost/foldername. I have created the “website” named folder. That’s why I will write localhost/website

You will see a window as like below image, select your website language & click on Continue :

In this stage, you need to put the following information for the completion of the WordPress setup.

Database Name: Which named database you have created.

User Name: root (it’s by default in Xampp)

Password: (This field will blank in xampp server)

Host: localhost (It’s same in local or live server)

Table Prefix: You can set any word here. Most importantly, you have to put ( _ ) in the last letter of the word.

After fill-up, the form with the above information, now submit the form. You will see the following window:

Now, It’s showing your information is correct & you can run the installation.

Here you have to put your website information here. Please fill up with your desired Website Title, admin username, admin password, etc.

It means you have completed WordPress setup & your website is ready to customize. Just click on Sing in.

Now, give your admin username & password to login to your website dashboard. You have successfully installed your WordPress website.

You can see another article about How to transfer the WordPress website to another host.

Many people want to transfer the WordPress website to another host. Because of that, sometimes they need to transfer their website to another hosting server.
If you need to migrate your WordPress website, this tutorial for you. I will show you how to transfer your WordPress website to another server. After reading this article you will be able to transfer the WordPress website to another host

Let’s start talking about transfer the WordPress website to another host.

At first, you need to log in to your WordPress admin panel. Because of that, If you want to transfer your site easily, you have to use a plugin. Otherwise, it will be complicated for you. If you have enough knowledge about website database management, you can transfer your website manually.

Whatever, Now log in your WordPress admin panel.

After login, your  WordPress website admin panel go to Plugins > Add New

You will see a window as like following image:

Now write “All in one wp migration”  at the search box. You will find a popular WordPress migration plugin which name is “All in One WP Migration”.

Now click on the “Install Now” button to install this plugin. Once it’s installed now Activate this plugin.

Once it’s activated, you will find an option in your admin navigation panel which name is “All-in-One WP Migration”.

Now click on that. You will find some other options in the sub-menu. Than click on the Export option.

At this time choose Export to > File option

Your website export process will start & wait until it’s completed. If export process completed you will be seen the following window. Now download this file.

After download, this file goes to your new hosting Cpanel & setup WordPress as usually. Once WordPress will be installed in your new hosting or location install “All in One WP Migration” plugin  as usually (I have described above).

After “All in One WP Migration” plugin activation go to Import > File

Now choose the file which you have downloaded before. You’re all set. Just wait until it’s completed.

You can read also my article How to use the Really Simple SSL plugin on your WordPress website. If you have any queries about this tutorial, write in the comment box.

If you are a new blogger & If you want to start your new blog website with WordPress, you have known about best blog theme in WordPress.
In this tutorial, I will say you about best WordPress blog theme. Let’s start…


Newspaper is the popular news WordPress theme. The creators engineered this theme to assist you to tell your stories with the utilization of typography, dynamism, and skilled style. this contemporary look is that the excellent resolution for varied trade websites. From travel fashion and everything in between, Newspaper brings beauty and distinctive styles combined with quality performance and stability to any kind of journal.
Furthermore, the Newspaper comes with several header and footer choices, Flex Block parts for a lot of skillfulness, endless huge Grid mixtures to spotlight pages or classes, and comprehensive documentation. Also, the theme integrates clean writing, nice style, quick page-loading speed, and is AMP prepared. Lastly, the Newspaper is WooCommerce compatible and Google AdSense prepared, supporting responsive and mobile-friendly ads. It uses the simplest SEO practices and is easy.


Sahifa is a premium WordPress theme which is published in ThemeForest on 16th August 2012. This is theme published by TieLabs. There is a Power Elite Author on ThemeForest. They have also a lot of beautiful demos.


Avada is the best theme for WordPress. You can create any type of website with Avada. This theme created by Theme Fusion. They are published Avada on 16 August 2012 in ThemeForest. It’s the best selling theme on ThemeForest. Because they have added a lot of functionality in their theme.


Soledad is another best WordPress blogging theme on ThemeForest. This theme published by PenciDesign agency. It’s compatible with Woocommerce. You can use this theme to create any type of website. I think you will be satisfied with this theme.


Jevelin could be an easy, simple to use, modern, creative, easy and tech-savvy and responsive WordPress premium theme. it’s been created to perform at a top-notch level as a utile web site theme with deep-running customization capacities associated an intuitive visual page-building method that webmasters with no previous committal to writing expertise will simply learn inside minutes.

Furthermore, this theme is chock-full with predesigned layouts, professionally titled demo websites and useful and articulate webpage templates, Jevelin has everything you would like to bring you to come firmly into the twenty-first century. Moreover, bloggers can realize a peculiarly snug house wherever they’ll effortlessly publish and flow into their thoughts, photography, videos or general content. Lastly, Jevelin packs six totally different diary layouts, multiple custom post designs and complicated options, like Back to prime interfaces and dynamic classes, content carousels, and Slider Revolution-powered sliders. offer Jevelin a go these days, and feel the distinction.


Nowadays, it’s nearly too straightforward to begin a diary. However, if you really wish to form the foremost out of it, you higher do things like professionals bed, with Bridge. it’s one among the simplest personal diary WordPress themes out there that equips you with plenty of fabric for a quick and reliable diary launch. Bridge comes with a banging twenty-six elegant and grades A diary demos that all area unit a breeze to use. All samples also are 100% customizable thus you’ll be able to really produce a page custom to your wants.

Along with all the ready-made information, Bridge additionally offers many premium plugins at no additional charge, Visual musician page builder and unlimited prospects. The options area unit there, prepared for you to use them for a diary-like none out there.


CrazyBlog may be a powerfully capable and implausibly various WordPress theme. it’s terribly intuitive, straightforward to use and splendidly responsive, and it makes for an excellent magazine web site theme. CrazyBlog may be a speedy and light-weight resolution for diary webmasters that are searching for Associate in a Nursing easygoing atmosphere wherever they will quickly produce communicative, articulate trendy blogs in a very matter of minutes. CrazyBlog offers plentiful customization choices, designs and every one the practicality you wish and expect from an internet site in 2019.

From seamless social media integration to sleek running widgets and plugins, CrazyBlog has been fine-tuned for blogging functions. as well as over twenty wonderful demo websites, complete with all their demo content and inner pages, CrazyBlog packs seven straightforward diary themes which will blow the competition right out of the water in terms of style and aesthetics. a robust ads management system makes monetizing your CrazyBlog web site one among the best tasks nowadays, with a simplified interface that includes ad-block parts that you simply will drop into the fray and that play nicely with all major ad revenue system networks out there nowadays. With intrinsical page number and wonderful custom content widgets, CrazyBlog keeps your content spirited and attention-grabbing to scan. strive CrazyBlog nowadays, and watch your diary reach new heights!


June may be a clean and versatile responsive WordPress useful web site theme. A reliable platform for crafting awful fashionable websites designed to impress. Webmasters with or while not previous expertise will build the foremost of Gregorian calendar month. Intuitive and free from writing, June’s style method may be a visual interface. The powerhouse WPBakery (formerly Visual Composer) empowers easy customization. Deploy parts and sliders on your pages and sections while not breaking a sweat. the last word tool to place along with handsome, articulate blogs.

Monetizing your web site is a simple method because of thorough WooCommerce integration. fancy potent premium plugins like Slider Revolution, LayerSlider, Apple Live pic, and lightbox. Impress your guests with participating displays and seamless animations. economical and fast-loading writing makes Gregorian calendar month a peak performing artist beneath all traffic conditions. Translation and RTL readiness allow you to attractiveness to a broader audience. Get Gregorian calendar month today!

I think you have understand about best premium theme for WordPress website.