Why WordPress is the Popular CMS

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When you want to create a website for company, blog or organization may you’re confused about to use CMS. CMS means Content Management System where you can manage you post, page & content for your website. WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. If you’re a familiar with PHP, you can develop WordPress.

Let’s know why WordPress is popular CMS for users.

WordPress is very popular for users. Because of that, users can use this CMS for absolutely free. User don’t need any payment to use this. They can customize their website content from the dashboard. Everything is described by the Developers. On the other hand, user can find lots of resource which can help all users to customize their website. Users can create any type of website with WordPress.

Easy to use

WordPress is the very popular because of that, They have very popular Page builder and free add-ons. User can use this CMS very easily each content. User also able to create any type of page using page builder like Elementor.


WordPress is popular for all developers because of that, this is only CMS which is using hooking system. Developers can change default functionalities using hooks. They also can remove or add any functionality thought hook. That’s why it’s better than others.


One of the most principal reason of popularity is shortcode. Shortcode is extends developers work abilities. If developer want to add their own functionalities with layout, they can do by creating shortcode. It’s amazing functionality what I ever seen.

Page Builder

Page Builder is another amazing facilities for WordPress user. User can create any type of page layout using Page Builder. WordPress providing some default page builder like Gutenberg. User may use premium Page Builder like Visual Composer. Premium page builder provides more attractive functionalities to users.

I hope you have understand why WordPress is the best CMS in the World.

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